(2012) Hasta Nunca follows Mario Ligetti, a middle-aged DJ in Montevideo, Uruguay whose call-in radio show exposes the city’s “Secrets and Stories.” As Mario’s life becomes more entangled with that of his callers, his public and private personae are blurred and the intimate nuances of a city¬† are revealed.

The film is the product of a close collaboration between North American filmmaker Mark Street and an Uruguayan cast and crew, led by producer¬† Uzi Sabah and lead actor Rufo Martinez, real life DJ and television personality. Shot in cinema verite style, Hasta Nunca takes a deeper look at one of Latin America’s under represented countries, carefully touching upon themes like the lingering effects of the dictatorship and the illegality of abortion. The film interweaves documentary and fiction, improvisation and scripted narrative, and is as much a portrait of Montevideo as it is the story of one of its chroniclers.

Named one of the Top Ten “Best Unreleased Films of 2011” by Phillip Lopate, Village Voice.

Shot on location in Montevideo, Uruguay. Starring Rufo Martinez, 80 min.

Hasta Nunca | 2012 | Films