Cuadro por Cuadro/Frame by Frame (made with Lynne Sachs)

(2009) A documentary of a workshop taught in July 2009 at the Fundacion D’Arte Contemporaneo, an artist’s collective in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Workshop participants (ranging in age from 21 to 65) hand paint 16 and 35mm discarded films.  Students affect the film frame by frame, handcrafting each image, slowing down time and recycling visual detritus.  A DIY aesthetic rhymes with the locale.  The winter sun lights the table as artists scratch, bleach and paint the surface of the film.  Later a fresh ocean breeze dries the film on the roof, and gourds of mate tea are savored as the images are projected on the wall.

Color, sounds, 8 min.
Projection format: DigiBETA, DVD or MiniDV
Production format: 16mm, MiniDV

Cuadro por Cuadro | 2009 | Films