(2023) Images shot through architectural glass on Super 8 film in the dead of night in NYC. The title refers to one of the glass samples I used to frame up images of Times Square and other nightspots in NYC. The city peeks its head in as an off screen character, but the glass bends and twists it in its own warped and wonderful way.

“Mark Street’s Clear Ice Fern (2023) takes to the streets of a nocturnal New York City—shooting the neon of the night on Super 8 through architectural glass. The imposed effect of the glass amounts to near-total obfuscation of the objects Street is shooting, but their auras remain in light tracing the patterns of the glass. It feels like Stan Brakhage’s Text of Light (1974) in its refractural nature, but the score of city sounds and haunting strings render the film much more eerie—as if the audience is watching the outbreak of some apocalyptic event from behind blurred glasses.” – Joshua Peinado, Ultra Dogme

Digital, color, sounds, 12 min.

Selected Screenings:

  • Polish International Film Festival, 2023
  • Traces Film Festival, Northwestern University, Chicago IL 2023
  • Experimental Film Festival, New Bern, NC, 2023 (Honorable Mention)
  • Anti-Matter Film Festival, Vancouver, BC, Canada 2023
  • Contemporary Art Festival Video Park, Usize, West Serbia, 2023
  • Experimental Brasil, Rio De Janeiro, 2023
  • Inflamável – Festival de Curtas em Super 8m, Brazil, 2023
  • Chicago Underground Film Festival, 2023
  • Light Matters Film Festival, Alfred, NY 2023
  • Brooklyn Film Camera “Light Lifting” group show, 2023.
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