Duped Negatives is a collection of collages made from scanned 35mm film organized in five series described below.  Prints are variable sizes 30” x 40” and smaller (horizontal and vertical).  They can be exhibited singly, by series, or in a group made up of pieces chosen from each series.  My longtime engagement with the materiality of celluloid inspired me to use digital technology to excavate new meanings from analog film and build a bridge between the grain and the pixels.

Edgecoating (11 prints)
Scanned strips of film from a moving image piece (Séance, 2016) I made by painting on clear 35mm film.

Miseducation (12 prints)
Culled from a series of educational film strips created for classroom use in the 1970s.

Smokeboats (19 prints)
The surface of purchased black and white 35mm war film (forensic navy footage as well as a fictional battle scene) is painted and reconfigured.

Vanished (21 prints)
A film print of a thriller called “The Vanishing” is bleached and painted.  Wisps of narrative (with subtitles in English) peek through the abstract surface.

Duped Negatives | 2024 | Art Work